About Marek Brincko

Marek Brincko ranks among the young generation of Slovak glass artists. He studied at Studio of Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2000 – 2006. He was working at the studio of famous glass artists, Zora Palova and Stepan Pala.

He participated in a group exhibitions in Bratislava, glass gallery Nova (2005, 2007), The Talent Days in Munich (2008), Strasbourg (2007), Slovak glass, Beirut, Lebanon (2011), group exhibition in London (2010), group exhibition in Slovak contemporary glass in Halle du Verre, Claret, France (2016), solo exhibition of Light gates cycle, Bratislava, Nova Gallery, and Structure and Light Exhibition, Hamburg (2018).

Currently, Marek Brincko focuses on creating fused glass sculptures. He considers this noble material the ideal medium that offers many solutions to artistic problems with the relationship between light, space and matter. His works are based on elementary geometric shapes differently combined, layered, perforated and faceted to achieve a specific shape. The result is compounded by working with light, natural and artificial, which breathes the works mysterious inner life.